Maintenance services

The solution to your cleaning problems is only a call away

Image descriptionOur service is tailored to each client’s requirements for all types and sizes of companies. We offer solutions for some of the common and not so common commercial situations in which businesses find themselves. We specialize in office cleaning with a yearly contract and a roll on after that. We do not hold our clients to long term notice (one month) is normally sufficient.

We will water your plants, clean your windows, clean your patio and even decorate if this may be of requirement. In many cases, we deliver end of month and tenancy cleaning. Likewise, we will dispose of almost any waste if this is required.

Likewise, we will also purchase any home wares you may require e.g. bath mats, bins, cleaning hardware etc.

Regardless of your requirements, for a prospective client feel free to call our offices.

Recent case study - Connaught Place, London

Recently, our cleaners undertook a major cleaning assignment at Connaught Place, London. Caught completely off guard, we were called at 5 pm to clean their premises to a high standard for prospective client. In doing so, we assigned 10 cleaners and they worked through the night.

Quite often, we will do jobs of this very nature; "If it is doable, we'll work regardless of the time of day we get the call."